The Photographic Process


Most of my photographs are taken using the following:

Bronica SQAi 6x6 medium format camera
80mm lens
110mm lens
40mm lens
Gitzo tripod
Westonmaster V Light meter

Film and processing:

My favourite films are Ilford PANF 50 and Ilford FP4 125, although I also use Kodak T-Max 100 and 400.

All these films give the fine grain which is important for the type of images I produce.

I develop and hand-print all my black and white photographs, using a Durst L1200 enlarger and Ilford Galerie fibre-based paper. Finished prints can then be selenium-toned, which often has interesting effects on tonal values. All the black and white images on this site are scanned from original darkroom prints. (To ensure the images load quickly on the website they are low resolution files. The photographs for sale are high quality darkroom prints, not digital images.)

My hand-worked still life images are printed on Kentmere Art Document paper (now sadly no longer available, so my supply of this is very precious!). This paper can be stretched like watercolour paper and takes a variety of art media with some interesting results.

Purchased photographs are supplied dry mounted onto backing board with a high quality mountboard window mount. All images are signed and numbered according to their edition.